Customer Intelligence

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Grow your business with Ci personalized recommendations

Customer Intelligence (CI) product recommendation engine is your gateway to unlocking the power of personalized recommendations. The CI app is meticulously designed to showcase contextually relevant products or content recommendations, aligning seamlessly with a customer's intent and behaviour, ultimately enhancing conversions and customer engagement.

Truly Real-time AI & ML Powered Recommendation Models!

Our platform is designed to provide you with cutting-edge recommendations that adapt to emerging trends, customer preferences, and collaborative insights. These recommendations serve as the foundation for building personalized and precisely targeted use cases.

Smart Filter

Our Smart Filter empowers marketers to fine-tune recommendation models with precision. It allows them to sift through specific product collections, categories, or product attributes, providing a tailored and dynamic shopping experience. 

Pricision Targeting

Precision Targeting empowers Shopify owners to optimize the shopping journey with personalized recommendations on homepage, product pages, checkout, and more granular targeting like specific product / collection pages, ensuring the right products reach the right audience.

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